See How Much You Could Save With Help-U-Sell® Real Estate

Help-U-Sell® Real Estate have helped saved Sellers thousands in real estate commissions since 1976. The Help-U-Sell Real Estate model was the pioneer for providing an alternative to the dated 6% commission structure. We never insist on fees based on a percentage of the sales price, allowing consumers to save thousands of dollars compared to what they would have spent on a traditional broker’s fee. Help-U-Sell Real Estate is a full-service, set-fee organization and our licensed professionals manage the entire home sale process from start to finish, including handling all negotiations, providing referrals, showing the seller’s home, and providing expert advice and representation.

Step 1

Use our office locator and search for the closest office in your area.

Step 2

Fill in your home price and calculate your potential savings.

Step 3

View your potential savings and contact the office to discuss your savings breakdown and the benefits of using Help-U-Sell Real Estate.

The Help-U-Sell® Real Estate Difference

What if you could find a real estate agent who could meet all of your expectations, guiding you from listing to closing, and save thousands of dollars in commission? You can with Help-U-Sell® Real Estate. Our franchise offices are full-service brokerages that charges a low set fee. Watch our video to learn how we sell and you save!

Help-U-Sell® Real Estate For Buyers

Help-U-Sell® Real Estate helps buyers, too. Many of our offices have dedicated buyers’ agents who create a real estate plan for their clients for now and in the future and help them make the best decision about which home to purchase.

Learn more about how we work with buyers by watching our Help-U-Sell® Real Estate for Buyers video.

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Help-U-Sell® Real Estate For Sellers

Help-U-Sell Real Estate® offices are full-service, licensed, professional real estate brokerages, providing superior marketing and guidance to help clients sell their homes quickly and at great savings.

Our sellers have saved millions of dollars in real estate commissions, as compared to a 6% commission, without sacrificing anything. Watch the video to learn more about what Help-U-Sell® Real Estate does for sellers and how you can save the most money.

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26 July, 2017


The upper level has three bedrooms, with the main bedroom having built-in wardrobes and an ensuite with...

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27 July, 2017